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Having 10 recruitables slots would be awesome

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 Hi, I really like making custom characters and combining them in experiemental groups, so having the hero plus 8 more is really nice. However there are 11 classes, so I can only do customs for 9 out of the 11 possibilities, and I would love to be able to make one custom character for all classes.


 So request, please make it possible to have 10 recruitables total instead of 8, this way between the hero and 10 recruitables I'll have all classes and have even more fun!

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Don't think  I understand what you are saying.  You can make as many custom/hired adventurers as you want or can afford.  The party size is limited to a total of six characters.  You do not lose the party members when you switch them around.   I usually end up with all the pre-made companions and three or four hired adventurers.

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Was wondering what the limit was, but was never sure. I haven't run into it during this play through, but I may in the future. What you suggest sounds perfect, just a small bump to allow for 1 of each class without bogging down memory or whatever blocker makes the limit necessary in the first place.

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^12 hired adventurers or 12 total companions?
(You can hire the 8 available premade companions (Eder etc), plus 8 hired adventurers from the adventurers' hall)

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Is there a console function that lets you change the companion party limit?

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