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Greetings everyone,


As we all know, patch 1.05 is right around the corner and most of us are aware that means the melee wizard build will be in bloom. Thanks to the input from many theorycrafters across many threads, I have a decent build in mind that I would like to start today, or at least have my character created.


Does anyone know if the class changes will be retroactive? If I build my wizard now and get the ball rolling, will the changes impact my character once 1.05 goes live?


Otherwise I'll wait on building this character until the patch is officially launched (hopefully later this week).


Thank you in advance!

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I don't know enough about the game or the wizard to know exactly what patch notes pertain to the class, but generally how these things work is the changes will apply to existing saved games. Health and other stats will be recalculated, spells will work differently, etc. That's the smart way to code a game.


With this game in particular they seem to be big on doing things retroactively, as you put it. Bug fixes fix the bugs in broken saved games. I expect it will be the same way with balance changes. My advice is to go ahead.

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You'll be fine - though if you want a 1.05 wizard you might as well just get the beta patch now.

I did some digging and found how to participate in the beta on Steam. It seems like a very easy process. I'll do this tonight!





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Follow instructions here, let us know if it doesn't work out.



They've made beta patches available to anyone who'd like it for POE.

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