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[Bug?] Quests Council of Stars and The Old Queen and The New King don't play nice together.



So I'll try and go through this step by step to make sure I get it right.


When I first got to Twin Elms, I approached Teir Evron and got the main quest update to enter and talk with the gods. However, I figured I'd visit Oldsong first and maybe do some side-quests and stuff. So I did, picked up the quest from the priests of Hylea to clear out the dragon, the quest to look for the woman's missing sister in Noonfrost, and finally, The Old Queen and the New King. Since that seemed contained to the same area, I figured I'd just solve it straight up, and went to Sul's lair. But I didn't feel right just killing one of the beasts since that would be interfering, and I didn't see any other option in dialogue or otherwise, so I decided to do that most unholy of things and google the quest, and found out it it was apparently a sub-quest to gain Galawain's favor, and it also looked like there was also apparently a dialogue-string related to it that would offer an alternate way to solve the quest. So, I decided to go and get it - and the other quests - before continuing my faffing around. After all it might give me a better solution to the quest, so both Sul and Oernos are still perfectly alive and friendly to me.


So I went there, read up on the gods and goddesses relevant from the conveniently placed books, and approached all four. The other three followed the same pattern - see vision, get explicitly told by the gods to do thing, exit dialogue through the normal 'End Dialogue' button at the bottom of the screen, get notification of a journal update, and finally get both a sub-quest for the god to gain their favor, and an update in the main Council of Stars quest about what the god asked of me. As I would expect. This is also true for Hylea whose sub-quest I'd already accepted, obviously simply updating the sub-quest rather than giving it to me again but still updating Council of Stars to add it in there, and so on.


However, none of this happens with Galawain. I do see a vision of the Lion and the Bear, however rather than being told I need to solve it, I simply get a conversation prompt (NOT the End Dialogue button at the bottom of the screen like the other three have, but [1. Turn back to Teir Evron]) to leave the vision. At this point I get no journal update, the text in The Old Queen and The New King doesn't update at all to clarify that Galawain wants me to interfere or the like, and it's not added to Council of Stars at all - it only shows the quests from the other three. Praying to him again offers me no new options whatsoever, however, where praying again to the other gods simply give me a brief description of the vision and the End Dialogue button, I still have the same options when praying to Galawain as I had in the first place, including the Howl and being forced to turn back at the end. As mentioned before, I'd also accepted Hylea's quest prior to going here, so it's not some universal quest-trigger issue with accepting a favor quest prior to getting asked to by the relevant god


At this point I have not yet tried to complete the quest although from searching apparently several other players have had an issue with getting the game to recognize the quest as done at all and/or to get Galawain's favor afterwards. Best case, the interaction of the main story quest and sub-quest, as well as praying to Galawain, is very unclear and different to the other favor quests, and could make it tough for players to understand what to do - if I hadn't googled it myself and figured out it was supposed to be a favor quest, the only hint I'd have would be the Lion and Bear in the vision, nothing in my journal. Alternatively Galawain's quest needs a certain stat or background or whatever to be able to get his quest, but I feel pretty confident that's not how it should work, and if it is it's not at ALL clear either. At worst, the quest-interaction is actually outright broken.

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I've just double-checked Galawain's vision dialogue. While the way in which this dialogue was structured doesn't match the others, as you noted, it's possible to resolve the quest normal.


Galawain will make an appearance through the same dialogue branch you're getting once a resolution to the stalemate between Sul and Oernos has been found.



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