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Characters don't speak in combat?


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Here's a savefile where there are no voices while paused in combat:




Seems like it's happening on all my saves too. Interestingly, out of combat, the characters will verbally acknowledge being clicked on right after unpausing.


Might have something to do with another issue where particle effects are not activating while paused but firing all at once when unpaused:




Seems like they changed something up beginning with 1.04 beta.

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I'm having a similar issue! It seems characters aren't speaking at all when they're paused, and since I issue combat commands in pause mode, I don't hear anything. But the bug happens outside combat as well.


To replicate:

Pause the game.

Select a party member.

The character won't say anything.

Immediately unpause - then you'll hear their selection sound (e.g. Sagani's "Ready watcher", Grieving Mother's chimes, etc.)

If you're quick enough to hit pause in the middle of a selection sound it'll stop it in the middle and it'll resume again when you unpause (assuming you don't take any action while paused).

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