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Let me ask this question, does alt-tab work in the Windows version of the game? I've tried command-tab and option-tab on my mac with no luck. Does anyone know how to minimize the game on a Mac regardless of screen mode?

Can't answer re: Mac's, but alt-tab does work on Windows for me ... most of the time. I have it bound to a function in the game (select all) so sometimes it acts a little flaky maybe because of that. Not sure. :lol:

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Ok, 2.01 is live but I continue to have the same problem with the Mac version. At max resolution, the game does not allow me to play in windowed mode and there is no way to minimize the game in full screen mode as far as I know. Am I missing something? This is very frustrating considering most games I play support at least one if not both of these functions. For a game like PoE, it's very useful to check reference material on the fly, without having to exit the game or drop down to a lower resolution. Please help!

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