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I just finished my first playthrough and am thinking about playing again on the hardest difficult (solo).


Could someone tell me, with witch class this is possible and with witch setting (spells)?

The two Ive found easiest have been monks and chanters but i know ppl who have done it with several classes. Solo play often reduces down to smart use of scrolls, figurines, and potions so i think it depends on your playstyle. My current run my chanter was mediocre until i hit level 9 i think it was, i was building him full on tank so his dps was laughable then when i got hte dragon chant everything changed, now i just walk into a room with a few potions and heal up while chanting, short of a stun lock there are very few dangers to me any more.




Level 13 of the endless paths




before level 9 these forge knights were steamrolling me in every fight, now.... not so much

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I am trying a Wizard Solo PotD unfortunatly I die to everything. Can anyone tell my, how to survive until Level 9 ?


About 2k exp from level 9 with Wiz at the moment. I try to progress not to survive. What encounter(s) do you have difficulties with?


If enemies don't hit too hard (I run around in heavy armor most of the time) gather them and AoE and if they do, well, either split them or avoid altogether. Lack of pre-buff makes certain encounters near to impossible. Don't even have time to summon and run or cast speed buff and run or even cast anything at all. There is no mechanism to make Wiz "immune" even for few seconds - there will be cold damage lets take cold protection, they will also hit hard lets take armor and protection spells, but once swarmed and hit with effect .. excuse moi  .. grazed hit F8. I hope you like Wizards :)

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