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Endless Paths Lev 9 can't find secret stash with mech 10



Just hired adventurer to reveal hidden stuff (10 mechanics). I got blade part from hidden room, but can't spot secret in west carven below glowing crystals. According to walkthrough there should be one.


PS Don't judge :D. I just used guide on this level, because i spotted secret room, but couldn't find switch. It was so frustrating that i went for help online. So i was standing near "button", but it wasn't showing up... after some search iv found out that mechanics is responsible for spotting :/ not perception (blind engineer will see every trap!) 

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I have mechanics of 12 and in scout mode and still cannot pick these items up! How frustrating...

Any real work arounds?




Its not any secret stash, its stash I can clearly see (coloured purple), but unable to pick up?



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