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  1. Given up on this game for the time being. Got it working on the BETA before the last update. Worked fine for 30hrs and got to the digsite. The update corresponded with me trying to get into the sub-level place, and hasnt worked since! Even trying to start one of my previous saves now just goes to the hand icon and blank screen! Read every single forum and fix and know I havent the "recommended" system requirements, but having played 30hrs, I know it will work (eventually). Thought log and hard about getting a refund (Steam), but know that when this finally works I will enjoy, but bloody frustr
  2. Just doesnt load going into the level after speaking and releasing people. Been into the QMs quarters etc, but bottom level just get the rotating ring of nothing? MAC and been playing ok at 28 hours..
  3. MAC - Still black screen and then back to Steam start (kicked out), so unable to provide any crash report/save.
  4. Lots of frustration with this and people paid money for a none working product. Like a few comments already would be great to get an update from them, but havent really been given any real date lines. Havent as yet asked for a refund, but have thought about it alot. I like most, here will wait for next Tuesday, and see where the land lies, if to get a refund and go away for a few months until we get it at a bargain and FIXED or wait a while longer? Need to keep this topic at the top so they see the priority.
  5. Has this been resolved yet? Pre-ordered the game but not had chance to start, all set up ready to go - black screen. Follwed all the forum advice, still black screen and doesnt start!! Grr. Frustrated.COM
  6. So what do I do with all the purple stash I cannot pick up until then? There is more and more with each day I play? I will have to go around the whole map in every building and every floor again? Regards Jase
  7. I have mechanics of 12 and in scout mode and still cannot pick these items up! How frustrating... Any real work arounds? Regards Jaseace Its not any secret stash, its stash I can clearly see (coloured purple), but unable to pick up? Regards Jase
  8. I am coming across alot of loot/items that I can see clear with "tab", but unable to pick up? I have searched forums but unable to find anything on it. Can anybody help? Regards Jase
  9. Can somebody explain the colour coding for the scrolls please? Thanks
  10. There is no sign of the button to press to open the secret door.... Cant EDIT: Topic merged and hopefully also answers your question, Jaseace.
  11. I am unable to talk to the spirits or the door. I have read all notes and forums and cannot get the spirits to chat and get the password to enter the door. Is this a glitch or something else I should have done first? Regards Jase
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