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Make trap cap a team cap

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Why is it that each character can only place one trap when really most of them shouldn't be able to place any... and specialists should be able to place lots.... a million... literally.


I don't get it. Look, if you want to make a trap cap of six at once that is sort of low but acceptable. What is annoying is to have to give each of my character a trap even the ones that are terrible at sneaking. And having each of them run out there one at a time to place their trap.


It would make more sense if my sneak specialist just placed them all.


Some of the restrictions I can sort of understand but this one just makes no sense to me.

What you're basically doing here is forcing me to switch between six characters, each one placing their trap, and then sneaking back to the ambush point.


It is tedious and serves no purpose. The whole point of class based games is for various chacters to specialize. My fighter has really high armor and I just have him run out there and get all the enemies clustered around him. He doesn't need to do anything else. If he hurts something while he's out there, so be it. But his job is to "tank". The wizards are my artillery mostly. You have 20 guys that all want to run at me at once? Fine... I'll just nuke the whole area from orbit. Its the only way to be sure. My wizards don't have to do anything else.




By forcing me to switch betwee them so that every character can do the exact same thing, you waste my time and defeat the point of the class system.


There should also be more trap "feats". You should also be able to recover trap components from spent traps. Think about the logic of it, if I'm using a dart trap that is shooting a dart when someone steps on a trip wire or something. Then why would the whole trap be used up by that? I can sort of understand with the more claymore type traps that appear to just expode. But even then something should be left over. And you could have a crafting system... call it a recipe if that makes you happy... that lets you combine certain trap fragments with something else you pick up or make that lets you replenish your traps.


The big waves of enemies are often best dealt with by just dropping as many traps as I can, using that electric ward the priests have and then throwing up some wizard fire walls. By the time the enemy gets to me through all that, they tend to be stripped down to the boss which is what you want to deal with in any case.



Anyway, am I totally out ot lunch here? I just want to send one guy out to place all the traps instead of having to switch between each of the characters for them to individually drop their trap.

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If your mechanics specialist (not sure why you think sneak is needed) could place them all, and then you ran into a NPC mechanics specialist, then you would get greatly reduced utility from the new character's skills.  Part of the design of all skills was to make it useful to have the same skill on multiple characters, and the way they accomplished that with mechanics was to allow one trap per character.  That way even if you had 5 characters with trap laying ability, a 6th would still provide the utility of one more trap.  Specializing is fine, but the system you want removes the cost of specializing.  You have the best of all worlds and it costs you nothing.  Specializing should cost you something, and in this case it costs you multiple traps.

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I personally think that the cap should be changed to 1 trap per 3 points in Mechanics, but overall, I actually prefer the per-character limitation, because it's so far the only reason I can see to have several people with Mechanics.

And this has nothing to do with the class system, because it's not class-based. It's all in Mechanics.


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