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I have a few questions on Pillars of Eternity. 


(1) The Vampire Raedric and his vampire army are giving me trouble. 1 what level do I need to be to beat the vampire raederc and 2 what are vampires weak against?


(2) I have a hard time killing dragons. So 1 what level is recommended for dragon slaying and two what are dragons weak against?


(3) is it possible to have your party reach lvl 12 before act 3? If so is it recommended?

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I think I was level 9 when I took out undead Raedric.


If you hover over an enemy or look them up in the Cyclopedia portion of your journal, it'll tell you resistances and defenses.


Yes, you can reach the level cap in Act 2.  Whether you think that's a good idea really depends upon how much challenge you want, I suppose.

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