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Possibility of auto abilities?

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For me, it's one of things that would be nice to have, but I can see how difficult it would be to program in this game, with the huge number of spells Priests and Druids have, and all the conditional variables you'd want. I could see spending hours just trying to find the right settings, so my casters didn't run out of spells and my other classes didn't run out of abilities just when I needed them. I remember doing this in other games, and it's frustrating when the AI settings don't do what you want them to.


So far, every class seems useful in this game, so it's easy to tailor a group based on how much micro you want with spell and ability selection. When every fight starts to seem too long because I'm mulling through all the spell and ability options, I just swap out a companion from the ones at the Stronghold, and go back to a more melee focused party.


Right now I'm trying to decide between having two heavy casters in the party or three, because three (Wiz + Priest + Druid) is a lot of work. On the other hand, it's fun when the fireworks go off... 

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