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Sword and Shield Style Bonus not applying anymore


Hello there!


I just ran into another problem:


My char is lvl a lvl 12 paladin using sword/battle-axe and buckler and i gave him the Weapon and Shield talent, which is supposed to add +6 deflection and add the deflection bonus of the shield to reflex as well.


Example for the skill working as intended:

Using the Outworn Buckler upgraded to Exceptional ( + 8 Def + 8 Def(excecptional) + 6 Def (from Weapon and Shield) + 5 Def (from Herald)= + 27 Deflection


-Withouth Shield: 70 Deflection and 77 Reflex on Char


-Outworn Buckler equipped: 97 Deflection and 104 Reflex, both values have been correctly raised by +27


So i kept on playing for a couple of hours, only using Quick- and Autosaves and all of a sudden i realise, that my defensive boni are not being applied correctly anymore.


Now with Little Savior: + 8 Deflection + 12 Deflection (from superb) + 5 Deflection (from Herald) + 6 Deflection (from Weapon and Shield) = +31 Deflection


Withouth Shield: 72 Deflection , 77 Reflex



With Shield equipped: 97 Deflection, 82 Reflex -> +25 Deflection and +5 Reflex. This means that the Weapon and Shield talent has become inactive for some reason. Both values should be raised by +31 though.




Is there anything i can do about this?

Thx in advance.


Ps: I tried to link screenshots from Screenshotboard on Steam....but once again this forum wouldn't let me link or upload ANY pictures at all....so unfortunately I had to remove all of them. How can i post/link pics on this board?!?!?!?!?!?

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With Console Commands, yes.


i.e. AddTalent Player_New_Game(Clone)_0 tln_Weapon_And_Shield
RemoveTalent Player_New_Game(Clone)_0 tln_Weapon_And_Shield

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I had this bug in the release version of the game.

I couldn't get it to work right, but fortunately there is another version of the same talent called "new_weapon_and_shield".

that one works, but it gives +10 instead of +6.


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