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Is there a list of locations for backer NPC's and in-game memorials?

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Hi all, Gold level backer here.


I've played some of Act I so far, but have yet to see any tombstones in game (I paid for the in-game memorial). I thought it might be nice if we had a list of where all the backer NPC's and in-game memorials were to make it easier for backers to find their little piece of PoE.


Also, small suggestion regarding the NPC's. I'd be a lot more inclined to read more of them if they just were text-based. I find I skip all of them because the weird soul mode thing with the screen change and noise is distracting and takes me out of the game. I think if it was just the text, people would complain about them less since they'd meld more into the game. The alternate mode and noise that sound t are big alerts that say "you're leaving PoE and entering Kickstarter backer mode" that aren't really needed IMO. If they were displayed the same as in-game text (i.e. without all the fanfare), players would be less annoyed with them since they'd be on-screen quicker, and quicker to get off-screen if players didn't want to read them (or that particular one).



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The tombstones tend to be clustered in certain maps or dungeon areas, which if you're clearing all areas etc. you'll run across them as you go along. They can be tombstone looking or a wall plaque but will always have the same "hover" icon. Each "tombstone" is a list of multiple memorials.


Don't know about a list being available or where, if there is one.

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