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I like the Chant "Come, Come Soft Winds of Death" which is -x Endurance to all enemys in range and I would like to improve it. Anyone know which damage-type it is? Corrode? Would it be affected by the passive which increase all corrode damage by 20% at all (Spirit of Decay)?


And does anyone know which attacks the Will'O'Whisps have? Close combat / Meele or ranged attacks? And do they charm enemys like the monsters you can fight?


Or should I get the 3 Wurms?


PS: ok, saved and trained the Will'O'Whisps :)

They go into meele range and then do a lightning cone-foe-AoE. No charm effect :(.


PPS: reloaded and trained the Wurms now.

Ranged fire attack which do nice damage (each 4-7 normal singel target @level 6) :)


Trained "Spirit of Decay" (20% corrode damage) .. and it does nothing :(.

Auto attack gets no additional damage, the Chant doesn't do more damage or additional corrode damage, Wurms get no extra damage.

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I personnaly don't like the "Come, Come Soft Winds of Death", it barely does any damage and I don't know how to buff it further. I love the "LO, THEIR ENDLESS HOST, THE HARBINGERS DOOM", Frightened is a great debuff.


I've been playing with the 3 Wurms but I'm not sure I like them that much, they do good DPS and they attack range. But unlike the OP Phantom, they can't tank anything and don't do any kind of stun. I was wondering if the Wisp do as much damage as the Wurms but since they are melee do they tank better or do they go down fast?


Finaly are you sure they don't charm? From what I've been reading is that they do a weak charm, maybe it get's resisted easily, check the battle log. So final verdict, Wurms or Wisp? (Oh and Drake or Ogres?)

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I just hit level 6 with my Chanter ;). No Ogres or Drake.


But I had the Ogres when I finished the game on normal. Great tanks and I belive they have a very high interupt and changs to knock down.


To bad you can have just one type summoned at once. So no Panthom AND Wurms AND Ogre after some time ;)

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Wurms all the way, they have more combined HP than two wisps and higher defences and DR, their DPS is lackluster but you can use them to form a wall that blocks off pretyt much all inside areas. Wisps have a castable spell one use per wisp that charrms so i suppose you could pick wisps for the charms but its a very weak charm tbh, only lasts a couple of seconds most times. Only way i know to scale up the damage chant is with might but tbh is such a weak chant I only use it when i have nothing better to chant or when i need to squeeze out every last bit of damage.

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