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[Linux] Unofficial patches for the GOG version of the game

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Hello fellow Linux GOGlodytes!


As you already know, GOG doesn’t provide patches for their Linux games, so you’re stuck downloading the whole game archive again each time it is updated. It might be problematic if you are behind a slow connection or a capped bandwidth.


But an alternative exists: I build custom patches allowing you to patch the GOG-provided Linux version of Pillars of Eternity, bypassing the need for the re-download of the whole game.

If you’re interested, you can find them on the GOG forums:



Please report any bug you might encounter here, and I’ll eradicate it.

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I haven't even bothered trying PoE on my Linux box yet, as I assumed it would be at least 3 times less stable at release than the Windows build. grin.gif

I have yet to experiment my first crash, so I would say it is pretty stable wink.png

Well, no Windows here, so I can’t compare the builds on different platforms, but I’m quite satisfied with the Linux one so far.




Should you give a try to the Linux build at some point, I would be very interested to learn the differences that can be spotted between the different builds.

The only one I’m aware of is the cloaks not being visible on character models on Linux and OS X.

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Honestly I'm very wary of downloading any unofficial installers, patches etc on Linux. I've left that world behind when I abandoned Windows.

If it can ease your worries, the building process of the patches is described here:


That’s exactly what I do, the patch I offer to download is just the result of these three commands compressed through 7z.


I understand official patches would be far better, and not only because of trust issues, but sadly there is none for Linux.

As I said on the GOG forum thread, this is just a temporary solution while we’re waiting for GOG to build patches themselves:

I’m going to build custom patches until GOG start doing them themselves.

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