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Not really. They have a bit different mechanics, as an experienced player of IE games I still had a lot to learn when I started Pillars, and obviously the stories aren't connected, so I think it doesn't matter in what order you play them. Pillars is a good start because you can immediately jump into it, whereas for the others you'd probably want to install a few mods beforehand, like Widescreen, the Fixpacks and Trilogy for Baldur's Gate. Unless you have the Enhanced Editions, of course.


Early game in Pillars is quite challenging, so just leave tooltips on to make sure you understand the combat. Have fun. :)

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If I'm new to the FPS genre then should I start with Wolfenstain 3D or Quake? No.

You start with Doom 3 obviously.

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He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . .

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For someone new to the genre like myself, would I be better to start with the Baldurs Gate / Icewind Dale series before PoE?

PoE is a nicer introduction into world of cRPG due to being easier and having a more modern UI. Once you are used to the control scheme and way of playing them by finishing PoE, I suggest you then get Bg1EE and BG2EE and play those as well. You will still need to learn a bit more to play Bg1 and BG2 well but it will be a much smaller shock than if you jumped into it directly.
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Honestly Doom and the build engine games are almost an entirely different genre from what a modern FPS game is - the same would roughly go for quake (often copied rarely met).  Maze-like levels, health/armor management, just to name a few aspects of classic FPS gaming that no longer exist. 


It depends.  I'd *at least* look at a lets play or something of one of the old games to see if it's something you'd like - I adore cRPGs, but I'm all too aware that some folks just can't get into them :(.   You can also pick up some of the oldies for like 5$, so it may be a better investment - despite how much I loved Pillars.  But if you've got money to blow, Pillars wouldn't be a bad investment in and of itself. 

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