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I killed Harond in secret -- Why the Rep?

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I stealthily stabbed Lord Harond and then snuck away. How am I getting either positive rep with Dyrford or negative rep with Defiance Bay? The whole point is no one knows I did it.


Also, I'm super-irritated that I didn't get the opportunity to ruin him but let him live.


Also also, kind of distressed that Aelys didn't make it to the chapel of Berath like I told her. Did the beetles get her?

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DID YOU KNOW: *Missing String*

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Think of it this way: rumours get around. You would have to have talked to him to start the quest, and people will presumably have their suspicions about the fact that a person just wondered into town, spoke to Harond and pried about his daughter, only for him to turn up dead a short while later. The reputation gain is immediate in-game but that's the same for any other quest.


Also, you may already know this, but while you can't directly ruin him while he's still alive, you do have the option of ruining his entire house.

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Since my paladin stumbled into the Free Palatinate, there has definitely been a rise in inexplicable rapier allergies, acute fireball poisonings, and what we can only assume to be a string of suicides where people stab themselves upwards twelve times with blunt instruments. I guess it's some kind of fad.

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