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Fan of Flames, rest. Fan of Flames, rest. Fan of Flames, rest.


Rinse and repeat.


You want to spend time working to get 7k to buy the blunting belt (which will serve you throughout the entire run) and the horned figurine for animat summoning 1/day. You can do this by:

  • selling absolutely everything you can to the merchant in the prologue
  • scouring the starting area, Magran's Fork, Black Meadow, and Esternwood for items
  • killing the moon godlike with platemail in Gilded Vale
  • killing the Eder, Aloth, and Durance
  • completing the blacksmith quest with by sneaking to get the supplies with 2 stealth.

After that, it should be (relatively) smooth sailing.

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Just started. Well, this is my third build on PotD as I mentioned in the other thread.


Costal Aumaua, 21 15 18 3 18 3, Eldritch Aim, Fan of Flames, Spirit Shield and Fleet Feet to start with. Since there is no way to avoid melee and since I get hit no matter Deflection plate armor with buffs works - Infuse Vital Essence, Bulwark of Elements and Sprit Shield. I ran low Dex build before but could not get spells out despite max Res. I opted for Fast spells because once engaged its kind of difficult to get slower spells off. Ray of Fire is pretty good AoE though it requires positioning and running and well .. fun. First talent Fast Runner, second extra 1st level spell so I do not count on flames only. Took Kena's Estoc for the time being, with Aim I can hit stuff but its secondary in sense that other stuff needs to be done first else I would not hit anything and die fast.


Don't need figurine to get the keep. Just bought the belt. Inside, draw agro, position, cast Bulwark, cast Aim, Ray and Fan. Took 5 tries before I found the spot I needed (only one Phantom hitting me, had 4 there are 3 Shadows).

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