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I use gog and prefer it over steam, and I know that gog in general takes a bit longer to get patches out than steam.


I also know the devs said that they are working on standalone patches for non steam users, just wondering if there is any word on how that is going? Would be nice not to have to wait several days to receive patches (hotfix for 1st patch still isn't up on gog).



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This isn't an argument of whether gog or steam is better, clearly I prefer gog otherwise I would have gotten the game on steam :)


I am asking what is the current state of the standalone patching system that Obsidian said they are working on so that non steam users do not have to wait to get the patch.

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Well...the hotifix is not really an issue.


As for standalone patches, GoG had it up the day after Steam (not bad as was Easter weekend) and is only 80mb compared to Steams 800.


Now you decide...which do you prefer huh?


Ok, let's see, I can decide between waiting the extra 10-15 minutes to download that ~700 MB, or I can wait DAYS like we've waited for the hotfix now. Yeah, clearly a tough choise. Wish I'd have gone with Steam.

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As long as I don't have a massive spyware client on my pc, I'm fine getting patches a bit late.


what are you up to that makes you so afraid of being spyed upon lol


Absolutely nothing.

That doesn't mean that I like to be spied upon.

Most of the spying I have no control over, but when I can, I steer clear.

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