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【bug】impossible to finish main quest



I found bug in main quest. 

  • I went to Domenels House and took the quest to kill someone in knight's hall.
  • In the Knights community I finished 2 quests (about machines and undeads) I found it more interesting so...
  • ....so in Trading Company quest when Domenels appeared I killed them
  • I believed that NOW Knights or the Travelers would give me new quests (Domenels attitude was bad after I killed those group), BUT because I took Domenels killing quest (and didnt finish it) they said that I had good relations with Domenels so they wouldnt give me new quests.
  • So...I went to Domenels house and... killed all of them =)
  • Then I returned to Knights and.... nothing, they still thought that Domenels are friends of mine, same with 3rd community
  • I thought "who cares" and went to the East. But after 3-4  hours of gameplay I found that I had to finish one of those quests to meet the king!!!!   But all Domenels are dead, and Knights with 3-d community just dont wanna deal with me.

It's impossible to finish main quest now =((( 


I think that Knights and 3-d community have to change their attitude after I broke relations with Domenels. It's some kind of BUG. Yes I killed all Domenels, my fault. But all Domenels are dead how can Knights say that I have good relations with them.


patch 1.03 does not help.  Its so sad..




P.S. sorry for doubleposting

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Im having the same issue.Its like a circle,no group will deal with me now,cause Ive done quests for the other factions.How am I supposed to get an invite now?How can I get an invitation from Dunryd Row?

"Very well permit me on this night. To break your hearts once more. This is the story of the Chain of Dogs. Of Coltaine of the Crow Clan, newly come fist to the 7th Army"- Duiker:Memories of Ice

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The easiest solution is to simply kill off both the Knights and the Dozens -- technically speaking, you only have to kill one of each, but once you do they will all be hostile, so... 


Once you have closed off access to all three factions then Lady Webb will sponsor your entry into the animancy debates and you can proceed.

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Just to clarify, the issue is that, prior to patch 1.03, it was possible to acquire Winds of Steel (Knights, second quest) after having already acquired a second quest from one of the other two factions.


If this happened in a save game before 1.03 then another solution is to speak directly with Lady Webb. As long as you've angered one faction that gave you their second quest then she'll let you into the hearings.


We're working on a retroactive fix for this (slated for 1.04) so that even affected save games will work as intended but, in the meantime, I hope that the above can help.



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