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Boss fights and the 'intro chat'

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These are really, really lame.  I get the point that these big fights should have some introduction and a way for the player to play his character.  It improves interaction -- great from a roleplaying standpoint.


But from a gameplay perspective, these just suck.  They're not anything like any other encounter in the game because they force you to just stand there like a dope, frozen in the position you're in when you first walked up to some arbitrary point where you'll be frozen until the start of the encounter.  On a first play-through Trial of Iron (or simply to avoid savescumming at nearly all these events) these encounters are unavoidable traps.  Key party members are often scattered or out of position while the enemy walks right up and party members stand there like idiots.  Then the fight starts and a barrage of spells all hit at once.  Really lame.

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Yeah, I am not a fan of how party formation is changed compared to how I set it up prior to the intro chat.




Example is the Blood Legacy quest where you have the final fight in that room. Once you enter you get transitioned to the dialog scene and your party formation is changed to the default setting. I was unable to beat that fight a dozen straight times no matter what tactics I used. Eventually I had to agree with what he wanted and then reposition my party and initiate combat. Was able to win on the first attempt.

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I hated that Blood Legacy fight. I had to fight it six or seven times because they put my squishy PC right up front so I can die instantly--and I'm the damage leader in the party. >.<

Will you can rearrange who is up front by dragging your portraits. Portraits on the left hand side are going to be on the top part of the formation.

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