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Champion of Berath quest does not appear





I read before that I am supposed to kill Raedric a second time as undead if I killed him before.


So I get regular "undead attack from Raedric's Hold" at my stronghold, I figure, alright, it is time. I go there and...everything is normal.


I am like oh well, and yesterday, I complete the game, and the ending is like "Raedric came back as undead and started a reign of terror etc"..


So I check on internet and found that a "Frightened Villager" in the Celestial Sapling inn, is supposed to give me the quest but...He is  not there!


It seems my save is bugged and I can't get the Champion of Berath quest, even though I keep getting attacked by Raedric undead minions.


Save file on drop box here:



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This is strange. I finished the game, got the "bad ending" for Gilded Vale because I killed Raedric, but never saw the frightened villager at Celestial Sapling. I also have never been attacked by undead from Raedric's Hold. When I talked to the stewart at Caed Nua, I receive no dialogue options about it. I did do this quest sort of late in the game, immediately before starting Act III.

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