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  1. Yeah and this is a bit of pain, I would like to have a nice save for the future expansion. Not a save where I failed to take down a undead lord and gilded vale became a massive barren land.
  2. Hello, I read before that I am supposed to kill Raedric a second time as undead if I killed him before. So I get regular "undead attack from Raedric's Hold" at my stronghold, I figure, alright, it is time. I go there and...everything is normal. I am like oh well, and yesterday, I complete the game, and the ending is like "Raedric came back as undead and started a reign of terror etc".. So I check on internet and found that a "Frightened Villager" in the Celestial Sapling inn, is supposed to give me the quest but...He is not there! It seems my save is bugged and I can't get the Champion of Berath quest, even though I keep getting attacked by Raedric undead minions. Save file on drop box here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r8exmsvzgxzb0k/688d45af-aeb8-453a-a2dd-dfe5e18c3719%20autosave.savegame?dl=0
  3. Nerfs in a single player game are inacceptable. Good patch besides this. But the nerf makes me really angry, that's not a freaking MMO, I don't want to be scared that my build will become useless or less efficient with each patch in a single player game.
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