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[BUG][Od Nua][Lvl13] Mechanism for opening Wall is not clickable



The issue occurs on level 13 of Od Nua dungeon.


When you reach the the room with the Soul on the top right corner of the map, there should be a Platform in the middle of the room opening a Wall, but upon reaching the room, the Platform will be inactive and not clickable.



1. Reach lvl 13 Od Nua.

2. Take the right path until reaching the top most right room where the Soul which gives the riddle for opening the Center door is located.

3. Notice that the Mechanism for opening the door will not be clickable.




For more details, attachments uploaded here:






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Not sure if this is the case, but some people claim that this mechanism is not clickable without absorbing old watcher soul

What exactly do you mean by "absorbing old watcher soul"?


Are you referring to the machine on the top Level of the Tower in Heritage Hill (Defiance Bay Cemetery)?

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When you killed the Old Watcher you have 3 options:


1. Release his soul

2. Bind his soul to the keep

3. Absorb his soul


If you chose option 3 then you'll be able to access the secret room. Not sure what's in it though.


Oh, that is what he meant.

Ok that makes sense then, i chose option #2, because i expected him to live in his home like the one guy in the sanatorium.

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Thanks for the answers. :) After finishing the game, and consulting with the Strategy guide it also seem to say the same when making the Choices with Maerwald.

Closed as NAB.


p.s. Also want to know what Items are in there :)

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Aargh! So frustrating!


So you mean to say because I released Maerwald's soul I'm not able to advance in the Endless Paths (past 13) or access certain treasure stashes?! ALL THAT TIME FOR NAUGHT?

Though if you had the same problem i had of opening the that central door, you have to advance to Act 2 by going to Defiance Bay and completing a quest to learn the language the spirits on level 13 speak. Which will allow you to learn what it is you need to say to get past that central door.

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