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  1. Thank you very much, that fixed the problem for me. I just closed the game with the alt+f4 windows command and when i opened it up again it started from where i left off, and i was able to continue, as if that bug never happened. Thanks
  2. Hi, so i got this issue where i am unable to continue on my play, since the game won't recognize any of my inputs, which makes me unable to do what the game asks me to in the given scenario (picture) Help appreciated, to prevent this issue from happening again, or how to workaround when i encounter this bug. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Hey guys, i am experiencing long loading times as well, but unlike you guys i dont have 25 or more save files i only have 2 on both of my characters excluding quicksave and automatic saves. I am still playing on 1.0.2, you guys suggested to update, but will it take effect on my current save file? I really hope to find help here
  4. The heart of the Vithrack on the southern part of Lle a Rhemen (you get there by accessing the spider web infested tunnel in the room with the urn) and the pieces of the sword found on his throne. If you let him go though, you are not able to receive the rituals reward, sorry for you, many let him go and regret
  5. Oh, that is what he meant. Ok that makes sense then, i chose option #2, because i expected him to live in his home like the one guy in the sanatorium.
  6. What exactly do you mean by "absorbing old watcher soul"? Are you referring to the machine on the top Level of the Tower in Heritage Hill (Defiance Bay Cemetery)?
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