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[Bug]Pale elf racial bug 1.03



My pale elf gets increased  burn and freeze resistance by DR amount of any armor  I equip. So if i put on leather armour i get 16 burn and freeze. With mail armour its 19 both, brigandine 20 both, etc. If I take off armour it goes back to normal 10 burn and freeze resistance. Is this a bug?

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A) The way damage reduction works and how the pale elf racial ability interacts with damage reduction from armor are just two of many things in this game that could be explained more clearly.


B) It may be easy to stack a lot of burn or freeze resistance that way, but there are plenty of other damage types.  The pale elf racial ability won't make your character invulnerable, and there are other racial abilities that are arguably at least as good as it.

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