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  1. You will probably reach cap as the game ends, difference is not that big (around 20k xp at lvl 16 I think). Problem is all your high lvl abilities will be delayed more. If that doesn't bother you then go for 50%.
  2. Mychal thanks for your post. I was wondering can you tell me in which order did you do things, what did you upscale and how challenging did you find act 3 and 4? I started with 35% and find it quite satisfying. I'm only lvl 6 atm tho
  3. I like the fact we can't pick Avian godlike on creation screen, it makes Pallegina more interesting and unique flavored character. Same goes with Sagani's pet fox, and Hiravias spiritshift form. I only wish all companions had a unique trait or perk.
  4. Can confirm, both Aloth and pc dont get accuracy bonus.
  5. Here is a quote from another topic. Played without expansions.
  6. Any strategy guide concerning builds and strategy would be pointless considering major changes made to game mechanics in the past dont you think?
  7. I personally used 9B 02 00 00 value, which is a 33.3% increase. I've read most of the topics concerning this subject and most agree that 25% is too little, but going 50% means you wont get to high levels by the time they actually matter, that is not untill the very end of the game. So in the end i decided to go with 33.3%. I will report my experience in a week or two.
  8. If its not a bug why is it not explained anywhere how pale elf racial works? Also this mechanic seems very OP to me, its easy to stack alot of resistance this way then.
  9. My pale elf gets increased burn and freeze resistance by DR amount of any armor I equip. So if i put on leather armour i get 16 burn and freeze. With mail armour its 19 both, brigandine 20 both, etc. If I take off armour it goes back to normal 10 burn and freeze resistance. Is this a bug?
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