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Classes with no companions

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I'd like to play a class for which there is no companion. Started my initial playthrough as a cipher just to try things out out and enjoying that, but thinking about restarting since I enjoy things best with as varied a party as possible.


Could someone enlighten me as to which classes don't have any companions? - I read rogue elsewhere but wondering if there are others.


Thanks - and no spoilers please!

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Thanks. Hmm, monk and barbarian then. I'm tempted by the monk then because it seems like an interesting implementation for them in Pillars. Anyone played one and have some feedback?

I haven't gotten to a high level Monk, and I haven't min/maxed one, so big grain of salt, but they can feel pretty fragile even on Normal for a while, until you get gear etc. From what I can gather, if you build one "right" they can be effective, but are kind of in that weird spot where not as tanky as a fighter/paladin and not as dps as other melee builds.


The main problem for me, however, is up to about lvl 6 at least, the Monk is rather dull to play. For me anyway. The whole wound mechanic sounds interesting in principle but quickly became more tedious than anything else. I'll finish my game with her at some point - maybe Monk starts to feel more "fun" at lvl 8 or something. >.>

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