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Excellent job Obsidian, you managed to win me over.

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I enjoy RPG games like Kotor 1, Mass Effect 1-2-3, Dragon Age Origins, Witcher series.  I never enjoyed Fallout New Vegas, Kotor 2 or alpha protocol.


But you managed to win me over with POE.  You've also managed to get me into combat pausing.  I've never been a fan of pausing during combat, but for some reason it works in this game rather well.  I wouldn't mind a tactics system, but the game is just fine without one. 


I'm a huge fan of voice acting, I appreciate you added some voice acting to POE.


I hope to see more games like POE. I wouldn't mind more voice acting, but the amount you provided in POE is good.  Some romance options would be a lot of fun as well, just for immersion purposes.


Either way, thank you!  I really needed a game like this after being dissapointed with the debacle that was Dragon Age Inquisition.


Move over Bioware, hello Obsidian :)


(Your moderators also have my deepest respects).

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Despite what I may post, I'm a huge fan of Pillars of Eternity, it's one of my favorite RPG's.

Anita Sarkeesian keeps Bioware's balls in a jar on her shelf.

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