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Save game gone!



I've been playing for quite a while without any problems, but now I've encountered quite a big one... my latest save game (at last level of Od Nua) got deleted. This was just on hard mode, no Path of the Damned or what's it called. After googling I saw that more people have encountered this problem. It was reported that the save might re-appear once you restart the game and Steam, but alas no such luck. 

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Trial of Iron is the setting that will cause your saved games to intentionally be deleted, and that only happens if your party dies.


Have you tried looking in the folder where the saved games are stored?  Maybe your saved game has been renamed or zipped or something.  (I seem to recall someone posting that they had lost a save in a crash but found a .zip somewhere that had the saved game backed up.)



Windows Location: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\Saves

Mac Location: Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games

Linux Location: Home/.local/share/PillarsOfEternity/SavedGames

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Tried creating multiple saves - doesn't help as they all gone if made during the same game session.  After third time in a row have to stop - there is no sense to play if I can't save my progress  :banghead:


Definite bad bug but you can try this workaround to keep playing.  Before quitting the game save one last time then alt+tab out.  Create a "saved games" folder on your desktop and copy your saved games from above noted directory to it.  Quit the game.  If your saved games are gone when you start the game next time you can reload them from your desktop folder into the POE saved games folder.  It is a few minutes work but can save your bacon after hours of play time gone.

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