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[bug] Custom Formations breaking



Haven't figured out how to reproduce yet, but basically, my custom formation configuration does not result in the party members moving to the locations designated by the formation... after some time using it.


It *may* have something to do with going into / out of buildings, but I haven't been able to reliably confirm this yet.


For the record, I am testing this in open spaces, so it is not terrain messing with the formation placement. It is definitely some kind of bug.


Edit: Currently, workaround seems to be switching to a different custom formation. However eventually this formation will break too.

The only other workaround is to go into your custom formation (edit screen,) change the position of EVERY unit on the screen (just moving the broken ones does not work,) and then save and exit that formation, then go BACK into it, and change them back to where you want it.


So far this second workaround has worked for me, but it is *very* annoying having to do this every 1-2 maps.

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I'm not sure how to repro it, but I have a save and screen shots that illustrate the problem after it occurs (formation doesn't match the companion positions). I had just swapped out 2 party members (drop Eder, Kana, add Pallegina, Hiravias) from Od Nua in the Keep, marched out of the grounds, and noticed something odd. I didn't think to test it until I got to the overland map, and figured out they weren't in formation. I haven't tested the work-around of reassigning everyone manually. I just used the other slot (slot 2) which I haven't used before, and it seemed ok.

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