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Looked around I cannot find anything anywhere that shows what the interrupt strength of a Monk's fists are.  Let alone if this value increases as the Monk's Fist damage increases.


Also generally speaking how good is Interrupt rating in practice?  My thought was to make a fast attacking, tanky, disruptive Monk with 15 or so Perception.  My thinking is that given the 1-100 dice roll battles that take place for Interrupts (and I'm assuming the +Interrupt or +concentration numbers from stats is just a flat value added to those rolls) that you would be better off relying on standard CC to disrupt the enemy, but on the other hand an Unarmed Monk should have rediculusly fast attack speed, which means many dice rolls + law of averages = we could RNG our way to a "reliable" disruption during a fight.


Has anyone else tried a build like this?  Was it actually effective, or were you left underwhelmed and wishing you had just dumped those points into Might?

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So I'm going to build my monk.

Fire Godlike to get damage reduction and fire retaliation (an oh so cool look).Fire retaliation is scaled by might and character level,it starts with 3-4,now it is raised to 7(base 6) on 3rd level.


Mig - 14 for some increased damage.

Con - 14 because monk requires to be wounded to kick his abilities in,and endure close range fight.

Dex - 18 to interrupt foes monk needs to attack.The quicker the better...

Per - 13 ...and that speed is utilized here.The design of the character is to flood enemy with so many punches that enemy is either killed,or most of his actions are interrupted.

Int and Res - 10 I didn't wanted negative modifiers,but if you find comfortable to lower these stats you can increase Per of Mig


Abilities I have - Swift Strikes are awesome,Torment's Reach as well


So far so good,the character is very fun and potent to play;and what happens once Swift Strikes are activates is just ungodly.

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Well these are the lv 1 stats i went with, i'll bump this in the near future and post my experiences.  I went with 18Con since i'm playing on Hard and I'm not expecting to be able to Camp my way through Health Damage, and I do intend to use the Monk as the Main Tank of the group.








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