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BUG - Nature Godlike racial ability doesn't work



Basically what the title says. I'm running a nature godlike and I suddenly realised I was never sure if i saw my racial at work, its supposed to give some attributes bonuses when below 50% endurance.


Anyway I looked at my char when i was with low endurance and didn't see any buff icon, or change in the stats in the char screen. Don't even see the racial listed anywhere in the char sheet.

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Hey RevBlue. This is an issue that the team is aware of and many people have been experiencing it. If this affected a companion, you can dismiss them to your stronghold and bring them back to refresh their abilities.

The bad news is that this issue is typically caused by the simple act of double-clicking to equip certain pieces of equipment. The good news is, the issue should be fixed in the upcoming patch, and any affected party members or main player characters should be retro-actively fixed when you load into your save file. I hope this information helps. Thank you for your post!

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Yeah I know about the double-clicking bug, but I didn't think it was relevant since I don't usually equip stuff that way. I drag and drop.

But I'm fine with waiting for the patch and hoping it will fix it if I did do it once or twice and forgot about it.


Thanks anyway

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