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Hey all,


Loving the game but noticing there are a few issues I am having which seem a little frustrating. First it seems if you do not have a high enough Mech skill you cannot find secret buttons let alone traps. This became an issue for me on level 5 of Od Nua when you need to find the button to open the secret room and get the hilt to the Broken sword. I  knew the button was there because I read that the hilt was in a secret room on that level but there were no keys. However as luck would have it I had a scroll of some sort of increase Mech skill and used it and was able to find the button (and disable the traps).


So my questions are why are secret buttons like that dependent on Mech and not on something like Perception? And was this scroll picked up a unique scroll because I don't see any way to craft it myself?


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Endless Paths is optional content, I'm pretty sure? You should expect to find difficult skill-based challenges in such places. You probably need a dedicated thief - it might actually be worth hiring a rogue if you're not playing one yourself long term.


Idk about the scroll, but a lot of rest locations will grant you mechanics bonuses, so you're not wholly out of luck there ;)



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I too found that scroll but i used it to disarm some traps I didnt have enough skill for.


It appears that scroll is not craftable...   sads


Also that particular switch has something wrong with it. I had to come back also and STAND RIGHT ON THE WALL for it to show.


After it showed and i clicked it the door opened but the switch remains purple as if I never touched it. It wont gray out.

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Finding things is supposed to be based off of Perception, but it is also a matter of how long you are in the area.  Maybe staying there long enough to use the scroll meant that you were there long enough to notice the hidden button.

I'm 80% sure this isn't true.

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I think its possible some of the environment in that area is interfering with the "find hidden "aura" u emit when sneaking blocking it from hitting that wall until your right ontop of it.


BUt also the button wont grey out so it might be multiple probs in that particular area,,,


Im more bummed i cant craft more mech scrolls...but im not too far into the game yet so...maybe some vendors will have them...

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