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I love all the dungeon areas

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I remember in BG1 + 2 there were very few dungeon areas, they had mostly outdoor and city area combat areas, and there was only one massive dungeon to each as an expansion (maybe dungeons werent a popular theme back then?).


So far on top of the starter dungeon, Ive found the bit under Gilded Vale, Caed Nua, underneath Caed Nua, Lighthouse, Tower, Sewers and hopefully many many more yet to come!

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baldur's gate dungeons:


bg1: the nashkell mines, the ruined city, the candlekeep catacombs, the frozen wizard prison (totsc), durlag's tower (totsc)


bg2: chateau irenicus, the planar sphere, the planar prison, the copper coronet to sewer to slaver hideout quest line, the unseeing eye temple, firkgraag's lair, the entire underdark, spellhold, the shadow temple, the troll-ridden castle, watcher's keep


that's off the top of my head, i'm sure i missed some. there are more than a few dungeons proper in bg1 and bg2 is filled to the brim with dungeons (isn't one of the big divisions between fans of bg1 vs bg2 the lack of wilderness areas in favor of dungeons in bg2?).


edit: i tried to exclude city themed dungeons, but you did include sewers in your list, so that ups the number for both games.

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