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I Just Got Punked Out....And I Loved It

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I'm slowly learning to love this game. Usually, when I play games like this, I'm the superb douchebag I don't get to be in the real world. I bully everybody, kill everybody, and then teabag them, but this game has really forced me to consider my character and all of his actions. On my first playthrough, I'm doing the intelligent, rational, yet often clever wizard. Not the bully.

Most recently (Spoilers Alert) I've been working through the Rogue Knight quest chain. I've proved the documents were faked and as I left the secret police headquarters I was confronted by Pelham who was not too happy about my discovering his fraud. As an honest wizard I was sticking to my previous arrangement to con him out of the breastplate. Here's the thing, he kicked my ass every time. Again and again his team wiped mine out. Eventually, I was forced to think, "Maybe I should take another route." Lucky me, I was able to convince him to give me the breastplate after returning his fake documents.

I'm loving how the choices and possibilities in this game work. Can't wait to replay as the douchebag Paladin and crush Pelham on my next run through. :)


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Are you playing PotD or something? Because I slaughtered him and his party in seconds on Normal.

No. I'm playing on Hard though. I think I need to change the composition of my team. My tank could hold aggro from three of them I believe, but the rest would eventually kill my team of wizards, priests, and ranges.

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I also like to play the evil or more douche bag characters, and I tried to do it on my first pt but ended up actually feeling gulity about it, which almost never happens.  Now I'm going full evil and I'm sure the guilt will be strong. lol!

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