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(Ranger) Marked Prey does not apply on pet attacks



The ranger's Marked Prey skill states that it grants 20 bonus pierce damage to both the ranger's and their animal companion's attacks against the marked target. This skill has a few issues:


1) It does not apply 20 bonus damage, though it does appear to apply *some* bonus damage. By examining the combat log, it looks like it's adding about 50% additional damage to the ranger's attacks so the tooltip may need to be updated.


2) Although it applies to the ranger's attacks, this bonus is not applied when their animal companion attacks the marked target.


Steps to reproduce:


- Find an enemy.

- Enter combat, and attack the enemy with both your ranger and their animal companion. Observe normal damage in the combat log.

- Apply Marked Prey to the target. Attack the enemy with both your ranger and their animal companion. The ranger's damage figure in the combat log will display "+ X pierce damage", but their companion will continue dealing normal damage.

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I noticed this too and was going to make a thread but already made one about the wolf's bugs and lack of attributes and didn't want to spam up the threads. Hope this is fixed This a pretty major bug when it comes to dps.

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