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Skill Checks - Conversations and Scripted Interactions

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There is a lot of conflicting information regarding whether skill checks for conversations and scripted interactions apply only to the player character's stats, or that of all members of the party. 


The wiki (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Skill) claims that "during any situation where a skill is checked against a challenge’s level of difficulty, the party member with the highest relevant skill is represented as the starting benchmark. If their skill outweighs the difficulty score, the player’s efforts succeed."  This is a direct quote from the official manual.  However, many players who have completed the game swear up and down that only the player character's skill is checked.  Could the manual/wiki contain outdated information?


Does anyone have the definitive answer for this issue?

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On certain events (Like scaling or breaking down a wall) you can pick from among your current companions to have their skills/attributes get checked instead of yours. However, in dialogue it's always your stats alone that get checked.

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In one of the gameplay movies from some convention, the devs showed a scripted event where the check was against Constitution. Right at the beginning of the game in the starter dungeon there is a wall to break down which you can have Calisca do with her Might and save expending the hammer & chisel that is found elsewhere in the dungeon.

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