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Hi there,

On my next couple of play throughs i'm interested in building the 8 standard companions in the most optimum ways to get the most out of them. I agree some do not have the most ideal stats for their classes but i'm interested in how people would build them/approach this.

If you have a build etc for how to get the most out of them, I think it would be great to share this :)


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Not sure if optimal, but I did this:

Aloth I'd build as a support CC mage.

Eder Mace/Shield and Estoc Pallegina frontline.

Grieving Mother and Kana are my Blunderbuss ranged dpsers and offensive spellcasters.

Second line tank Durance with his trusty staff, healing stuff.

I didn't use the druid nor the hunter - But I'd assume the first would be an offensive support like Durance(also staff) and the latter would be a bow ranged dps.

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Both Eder and Pallegina already have their own weapon focus picked.


So Eder for example, Mace/shield isn't ideal because he has the ruffian focus.  There is an endurance draining stilleto you can find fairly early on that works pretty good for a sword/board combo on Eder though, it's just as good as a mace.


Pallegina has the soldier weapon focus, you'll be using a greatsword or pike instead of a an estoc.  My preferred setup for Pallegina though is warhammer/shield (warhammer being the only one handed soldier focus weapon), then get that little paladin buckler that adds +5 to all defenses, the reason is that the buff from this shield applies to the whole team.  There is a decent warhammer for sale from one of the copperlane merchants.


As for the other characters...


Durance, you need a priest but he does well without any specific setup, have him stand in the middle and cast that level 2 regen aoe spell, lol.


Grieving mother can spec for good ranged dps, say a crossbow with the reload trait and knight weapon focus, plus soul whip traits.


Hiravias has the peasant weapon focus i think?  I'm pretty sure you can find a good hatchet with DR piercing, that and a buckler + druid form, will let him melee in a pinch.  Otherwise you don't really need any specific traits to rain havoc with your druid spells.


I haven't messed around to much with the other 3 yet.

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Eder should be using a pistol or blunderbuss shot to start the fight and then swapping to a stiletto and shield. You can pick up Oidhreacht fairly early in the first level of Oda Nua's Path and it'll be useful on him until the end of time.


Kana is best used as a frontliner with invocations that have an area of effect and a duration -- for instance, "At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff." 


Aloth is used like every other wizard. Cast spells and make with the pew pew. He should be wearing robes, if any armor.


Durance is much in the same boat. Keep him in the backline and cast spells. He can get away with wearing light or medium armor, but he shouldn't be getting hit.


Sagani should sit back and shoot her bow, because that's what rangers are built to do.


Early on, Hiravias can be a beast with his shapeshift and flanking with a two-hander when it dies out. Later on, like any spellcaster, he should be in the back killing people with spells.


Pallegina gets your best two-hander and sits at the front with heavy armor. She should have Reviving Exhortation for emergencies.


Grieving Mother should open every fight with a shot from a blunderbuss before retreating back to shoot things with her bow. Use your spells liberally. Mind Blades is insanely good; spam it.

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Both Eder and Pallegina already have their own weapon focus picked.


Since we're talking about optimised npcs, we can presume we are rushing them. In that case everyone but Pallegina can be gathered at level 2 or 3, before they have their second talent. Pallegina is always at least level 4, which can put her at a higher experience level than the main character if you do this. (I have tested this.) So only Sagani and Pallegina have a weapon focus pre-chosen. Here's a list of everyone's pre-chosen abilities and talents (at as low an experience level as I was able to attain them):


Aloth - various spells; blast

Eder - knockdown; rapid recovery

Durance - spells; bear's fortitude

Kana - Hearts Grew Bold, Quickest of His Tribe, Harbingers Doom; Bones Still Slept, Thunder Rolled Like Waves; ancient memory

Sagani - wounding shot, marked prey; weapon focus: peasant

Hiravias - spiritshift staelgar; bonus 1st level spell

Grieving Mother - eyestrike, fighting spirit, mindblades, mind wave, phantom foes, soul whip, whisper of treason; draining whip

Pallegina - flames of devotion, lay on hands; intense flames, weapon focus: soldier


So Eder need not have ruffian specialization (or any specialization, for that matter, since accuracy is next to useless for tanks if that's how you plan to use him). Only Sagani and Pallegina have specializations picked. Sagani's is non-optimal if you plan on a firearms party with Kana, but is okay otherwise. Soldier specialization seems half-decent on Pallegina.


"Optimised" probably has a wide range depending which npcs you want, what your character is, etc. For Aloth I honestly think blast is worthless but since he already has it I took penetrating blast for the Kalakoth's exploit. Intense flames and soldier spec means Pallegina hits insanely hard with an arquebus right off the bat. I dunno. The game's easy enough as it is.

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