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Need high level in Mechanics, first don't start combat through dialogue, go set a petrify trap close to the dragon, then cast Silent Scream to stun the dragon, after the combat started, quaff a potion of eldritch aim, then allure the wurm to the trap, and both of them will be petrified, petrified state will increase damage taken and directly to health, cast 2 shots of Mind Lancer to deal tones of damage(grazes for 148 pierce damage), then finish the sky dragon with a blunderbuss, of course the left wurm will share the same fate.

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Petrify is currently insta-win button, yes. 


Sky dragon is still very doable on solo without it, however. Its damage output isn't that strong and it's also not particularly HP bloated, so given decent deflection and defenses (let's say, 70+) you'll be able to go toe to toe and live to tell the tale.

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