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Pale Elf and Scion of Rime

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So, my pale elf main character has a natural 10 damage reduction freeze and fire. I just selected the talent "Scion of Rime" when I leveled up. It's supposed to give my freeze spells +20% damage as well as give myself a passive +5 bonus to freeze damage reduction. But I still only have 10 damage reduction, it doesn't seem like it works like it's intended to. What's up with this? 

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Go to your character screen and scroll down to Active Effects.  Does it list both the pale elf racial ability and Scion of Flame, with the freeze DR from SoF listed as "suppressed"?  If so, then those two bonuses don't stack (ie only the largest one applies).


PS: I agree that they ought to stack, and if they don't then it should be changed so that they do.

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