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And does anyone know what the actual numbers on carnage are? (half damage, -5 Acc, etc?)

Yes, it does. And I don't think Carnage gets an accuracy penalty but you can get a talent that gives it a bonus.



Cool. And is it still 1-6 slash damage straight up per Carnage hit, or has it been changed to be some sort of scaling amount?

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Yeah - my charname is a 16 MIG, 16 INT, 18 RES powerhouse. Not optimal for combat, but I'm sure as hell not succumbing to any will-based nonsense. :p


And those sweet, sweet RES dialogue options. :)

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I believe Carnage applies a 10 point penalty to both accuracy and interrupt. You can test it out pretty easily if you have a Barbarian; if you hover over an item in the combat window, it will give you all the information relating to the hit (i.e. the accuracy of the hit, what you rolled, et cetera).

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