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Min/Maxing on "Heart of Fury ;P" and some negative feedback ;(

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First thing you should know about myself is that I'm a long infinity games player and an HEAVY min/maxer.


I played BG2 (ee or not) so many times with ALL the hard mods installed and Maximum difficult. I have finished IW Hearth of fury a couple of time as well (even if that game is way TOO EASY to be fun if you know the engine well enough).


After 2 runs I would like to share what I'm thinking about the game:



1st: rest future is HORRIBLE. 

This future basically make unplayable in a min/max set up classes that heavily use abilities per rest. Why should I even use a Wizard IF I can DPS out with a Cipher and CC with a Chanter? 


2nd: I'm still a newbie, but hybrid classes and melee DPS doesn't seems the way to go.


This game is MUCH CLOSE to IW heart of fury then BG IMO, and that's a BIG weak for the game.


There are just big paths of mob until later on and once you know to counter opponents burst/cc/abilities the game is fair easy at any point



Aggro mechanics are dumb, and if you are using melee DPS  characters you will have to micro manage them way too much to make them appealing. Why should I micro my melee pally if I can have 2 "do nothing" tank that counters alone 90% of mobs while I can CC/DPS in ranged form?







My party and why I run this toons



2x Fighters



This choice is brainless imo. Chanter Tank is cute but summonings are useless if you can just aggro the majority of the pulls with this two characters. They are basically a retarded perma CC for most of the adds / enemies and you are more then sure that they can NOT die at any stage of the game.


Why bother with other melee classes? 



1Cipher+1rogue (ranged)


To be honest I just don't know why I shouldn't run 2x Cipher (or even 3) in this spot. The dps of the class is retarded, the mana rec is retarded thx to guns and fast switch. Rogue is ok since he can burst a single target, but it's  way worst overall.


1 Priest+1Chanter


Support combo, chanter provides you way too much utility from better recovery + better DPS (ranged song) and provided OP abilities at the mid of the fight (did I say AOE STUN?). Priest is there to counter opponent CC and damage burst even if I don't like the class since, oh well, the rest future is HORRIBLE and the abilities they got for fight and not for rest doesn't doo enough, so I think it's another sub weak class in the end.




I wonder what people think of the game and what set up they use in hear of fury mode. And I keep using Heart of Fury because it's his true name ;)



BTW I think I should go back to modded BG until they don't balance classes and/or some good mods are implemented :p




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You post is quite old, but i couldnt help but respont to it. Dont get me wrong, but there is actually not one statement in your post i agree with. The way you use the term "dps" makes you sound more like wow-player than an old Infinity-Veteran. As a tip for the future: if you really want a discussion about your statements, you need to make them sound less factual to let room for it.




In addition there are sentences that are just weird:


"rogues (f.e. dualwield stilletos) would do less singletarget dps than a cipher" 


"ciphers/chanters" do more group cc or even groupdps than wizards 


Both sentences are such distant from an accurate picture that a discussion about it would only end up in insult rather than a constructive discussion, since those sentence cant be meant seriously.

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I actually agree with the content of the ops post. I don't know about the terms he uses, since I never played WoW, but what he says actually makes sense in the current state of the game. If they ever make the game harder rest heavy classes make more sense, but right now I don't even use priests anymore.

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