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Red dragon (not Firkraag) surprisingly easy ?

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I barley used any tactic except let Eder tank all the damage and backline spam debuffs/damage spells!

Even though they called him a "drake", even though stronger than normal drake, he was still underwhelmly easy to beat and his fire breathing didn't do much damage as well...

I was expecting AOE fear or something of a sort I guess, anyone else found him pretty easy ?

(speaking of the red dragon found in a cave)


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Yeah its weird, I went there at lvl 6, tried the fight maybe 4-5 times everytime only the big one was left badly injured but killed all my party.

Went back at lvl 7, beat it first time with no difficulty at all. The gap in difficulty is just weird

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What do Eder's stats look like? In particular what's his deflection defense?


They are all around 60-80 area ... to be honest im not sure how but im not picky :D




This was for that fire quest, right? Because it was weird to me. I would have expected to get some kind of loot for a fight like that. Got nuffin!


Yep, that one!!

He actually have loot if u go a bit to the left, its trapped though and I couldn't disarm it but I just triggered it anyway. I dont remember what I got from there but its not a +5 great sword .. :p


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