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Quest: Rogue knight - dialogue loop



Talking to Penhelm only 1 of 3 lines move the conversation forward, so you are forced to agree with him.


The dialogue:
"He finally went too far. He had the gall to suggest that we had strayed too far from our roots..."
1. I don't see the problem
2. If the knights obsessed over their past, they wouldn't have grown into the fighting force they are today.
3. That history made the knights what they are now. You can't just cast it aside.

1 and 3 loop back to "He finally went to far"

A difference:
1 is an infinite loop,
3 eventually leads you out. [click 3 -> Sagani -> back to answers 1,2,3 -> click 3 -> other menu]
Screenshot after clicking "3" the first time:




However it's not very likely to click again a voice that doesn't seem to work.

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