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Enemy Insect Swarm Doesn't Dissipate



The spell is cast, for example, by ogre druids in Elmshore. I'm not sure about the name but it definitely has to do with swarms of insects. :)


The issue is, it never dissipates and proceeds to eventually kill off affected party members after a battle ends. A quick workaround I've found is immediately quicksaving and quickloading.


However, even so raw damage 8 and -20 concentration is still shown as an active effect in my main character roster many days later (damage isn't active, but seeing that -20 concentration really bothers me). Savegame exceeds maximum upload size.

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Had the same issue, when fighting a group with 2 ogre druids I got the spell stacked twice and with infinite duration. The timer counted down and vanished but the effect persisted until saving and reloading. Even stayed through resting. Avoided ogre druids for the rest of my playthrough...


EDIT: I'm refering to the "plague of insects" druid spell.

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Indeed, it was the group in front of the cave on the road to twin elms. Brutally hard fight with the permanent stacked dot (at least for me), when I saw there was another group like that inside the cave, I just ran out screaming and never came back.


In that fight I also got stuck with 2 effects that never disappeared on my main, funnily despite it saying 8 raw dmg per second, my endurance regen was faster than the damage. And "death" did not fix it either. I didn't dare saving ;) Sickness or Ilness was such a bad buff on my main that I rather not continue with that state...


Ps.: And that fight was brutal indeed. The insect swarm is also not the only negative buff these druids can mass-apply and that can get stuck on for eternity, as you can't remove yourself from the party ;p

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Workaround from http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74289-plague-of-insects-bug/?do=findComment&comment=1622197:




Finish another fight with a priests "Suppress" spell going.  Think it's tier 3 or 4.  After that, full save a new game then completely exit the game, and load again.  Animations/damage should be gone, but will show a "suppressed" (not currently active) debuff on your character sheet.
Worked for me at least

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