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I can't tell if my build is good or bad.. maybe that just means i'm bad at this?

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I have a almost custom team build and i can't tell if its a good or a bad one. i steamrolled through 1-12 level of Od Nua and killed all the dragons in searing fall, including the big one at lvl 7-8 and yet when i go fight the Wailing Banshee or just any groups of Shadows or like 2 Vithracks will destroy my team. Is it those mobs are super hard or is my team out of wack. i play soo many RPG's and this is the first one where i am at least half way through the game and i still dont know if my current build is good or not. and I am on EASY mode. i feel like if i take this to medium or hard i wont even make it pass skeletons. 



My build is this;


Main Character -

Monk Tank in super heavy -50% DR 14 armor.

14 Might, 16 Con, 18 Dex, 10 Per, 10 Int and 17 Res. these are modified after some +1, +2's from items. All his talents are resistance related like Body Control, Mental Fortress and so on. He's just to soak the damage though some times without threat or aggro its kinda hard. sometimes bosses will just disengage him and punch someone else.


Off Tank - 

Custom Fighter in super heavy -50% DR 13 armor; sword and shield

16 Might, 18 Con, 10 Dex, 13 Per, 11 Int, 15 Res after item modification. Same as the monk his talents are all survival stuff. Critical Defense, Defender, Body Control, Mental Fortress and so on.


Support -

Custom Priest in medium armor and uses an arbalest. 

18 Might, 10 Con, 15 Dex, 10 Per, 15 Int and 13 Res after item mods. Her talents are all to do with buffing Radiance and Interdiction to debuff mobs. I use her primarily to buff party at start of fight and use those zone attacks to stun or debuff enemies. 



Aloth in light armor and uses sceptor.

13 might, 10 con, 11 dex, 17 per, 33 int, 14 res after item mods. His abilities are mix bag, every rank i chose 1 single target, 1 general aoe, 1 auto target aoe and 1 debuff. his talents are all increase useage of a rank. 


Two Custom Cipher in medium armor and uses a sceptor and the other uses a bow. 

17 might, 10 con, 17 dex, 13 per, 16 int, 10 res after items. Their abilities are CC, Debuff and AOE. Talents are to increase focus gain, max focus and survival. 

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To be honest theres a little too much to comment on your builds. However, let me give you a broad overview and an example so that it should help you out with building your party.


With regards to stats

Fort Saves: Might, Con

Reflex: Dex, Per

Will: Int, Res


Its not a coincidence that Might, Dex, Int are more offensive and Con, Per, Res are more defensive.


So looking at your monk: dexterity contributes to attack speed and only to reflex as a defense and perception also contributes to reflex and deflection (ie your armour class). Likeiwse, might is primarily useful for dealing damage. Thus, i would drop your dex and might and move the points to perception and resolve to their cap. Finally, your Monk should be, interestingly enough wielding a shield in his offhand and have the talent that adds the deflection to reflex save as a starter.


With regards to spell choices for Wizards, there are many posts that have covered which spells to take, this is an excellent starting point: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73696-wizard-spell-guide-spells-you-get-for-free-early-on/


Finally for ciphers. Note that focus is build BASED on Damage dealt. IE 3-4 points of damager per point of focus. The focus talent that allows you to build more focus (ie 2 more focus per attack) is particularly effective for high rate of attacks (ie Dual Wielding/Hunting Bows) or interestingly enough, the blunderbuss, as each time it fires it counts as 6 or was it 8 attacks, ie 12 focus generate per shot!!) 

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"Thus, i would drop your dex and might and move the points to perception and resolve to their cap"


i can change my stats? how?


Also, i did not know that about Cipher focus, i thought it was just how often you hit.. that is interesting, thank you!

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You aren't bad. I thought the same thing for a week until I started figuring out the insane stuff.  I now obliterate hard.



-Cipher wants Blunderbuss for fast resource.  Also consider the Island Amua quickswitch spec, but I honestly don't think its needed if you have:

-Chanter with the Bow Chant = 2x reload speeds = lol.  (also gunner talent).

-Slow Guns in general own. I put one on Aloth and Durance so they can explode stuff when not using spells.

-Tanks want to stack deflect like crazy.  Per/Res and similiar gear/talents.

-Spells to use: Anything that has solid CC.  Chilling Fogg, Slick, Mind Wave, etc.  MindWave and Slick together = maximum cheese.


I'm not sure if Monk tanks are supposed to be good,  but I do know that Pally+Fighter combo is killer.

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Re: what Dongom said

I am finding that slow guns are not in fact very good. I am finding that pistols and arbalest are good. The Arquebus does less damage than the arbalest while having a slower rate of fire. Apart from that I would second his advice.

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