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I am having trouble coming up with  a ball of race/class/stats that would fulfill a leadership role in the party with high mental stats for those conversations. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I am currently 30 hours in with a ranger, but decided to stop due to gamebreaking bugs floating around.

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What are the usual cutoffs for dialogue options? like 15 or so? or does it demand 17+ a lot?


Mostly 12-15 through level 5 so far. One 16 as an outlier, and a 17 check in the prologue.


A pally tank with 18+ in the mental attributes should be able to cover any dialogue checks that require attributes in addition to being a strong tank and buffer. You could presumably skimp on a few of the dialogue stats in your build and substitute rest bonuses, items, and consumables on a case by case basis.

Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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I read somewhere that any dialogue is checked against highest stat in the party ? Is this true?


Do you get dialogue options based on stat of other member of party that has higher stat ?


As far as I understand and experience it, dialogue options are based on your main characters stats, where as companions skills and stat levels are only used in events like the interactive investigations.

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I too am interested in this since I'm about to reroll.  I got to lvl 5 and I may keep playing that char but I've missed some dialog I really wanted and I've did some minor things concerning leveling up that I regret.  Anyway, I can't find a good way to spec a char like this.  Lets assume I needed 18 in perc, res and int because I don't know how much I actaully need and want to be safe.  That means I have to strip points from dex or might which might be ok considering a tank doesn't really need to attack fast or do damage but the problem I see is how will I even be a good tank?  If I take it out of dex then my reflex save I get from perc is canceled out by the terrible dex.  If I take from might and can't afford to invest hardly any into con anyway then my fort save will be bad as well as me having fairly low hp.


Any thoughts about this would be welcome such as what saving throws are more important and why or if my stats can go lower anywhere and still accomplish the desired result.. or anything else that might be useful

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I am guessing Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve are the most important attributes with regards to dialogue options with Might being a fourth somewhat less necessary one.


Based on that going by what the game has set as recommended stats for classes I would say Paladin being the best as that class hits all 3, with Chanter, Druid, Fighter, and Priest all having 2 of them recommended (with at least 1 in highly recommended).


Personally I would say race doesn't matter at all when it comes to attributes' effect on dialgoe because one can adjust them enough to reach to threshold. However there is the question of which race gets most race based options in dialoge. This I don't know.


When it comes to class specific dialogue options, I know I have seen 3 or 4 Cipher specific ones in my playthrough (just arrived at Defiance Bay at level 5 having done Caed Nua and Raedrics Hold). How many others have I don't know.


I know that I often get access with 14 value in both Resolve and Perception (and 16 Intelligence), but every now and again I see blocked possibilities. However if I were to make a paladin I would probably go with 15 in Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve each, and then 13 in Might, and 10 in Constitution and Dexterity. Yes, this wouldn't open up all dialogue options, but class and race will lock some anyway and personally I dislike negative values in any attribute even if that means not min/max'ing my character. I would probably rebuild my cipher more or less the same way even if that is less than optimal from a combat mechanics point of view, but min/max combat mechanics does not go hand in hand with story dialogue and RP unfortunately.

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