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Same Weapon in Two Sets?



There are multiple references to this being a planned feature... but I can't for the life of me figure it out.


How do you put 1 weapon in two different sets, so for example you can keep your shield in two sets and just switch your one-hand weapon?

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Anyone?  Or does this forum scroll too fast?

It's impossible. And when we get 5k+ people and have to approve the posts, it's really tough! lol

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I seem to recall this being an issue in Icewind Dale II.




I guess weapon + shield blokes will need to sport multiple shields if they want to switch weapon sets to vary damage type.


At least you can't switch weapons in combat (or so I assume), because if you could, you'd be tempted to double-click to do so and keep the same shield whenever you needed to switch out to a different damage type… *dives under a rock*


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