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Is scouting dependent on perception?

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Hi all,


So my rogue has a perception of 14, and Aloth has a perception of 16. I'm scouting about some ruins that the Prima guide tells me should have scoutable objects, but they're not turning up. Is it because our perception is too low?



The Dude abides.

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It's without doubt Mechanics.

I was in an area where there would be a scoutable item but I didn't found it.

I tried different scrolls to buff the abilities, but neither improving stealth or lore did work.

After I buffed Mechanics with a scroll the hidden spot directly popped up.



Too bad those scroll with those (imo) really usefull buffs aren't craftable.

So I have one spot where I just see the hidden room, but I can't access it because my party can't seem to find the hidden switch. :-(

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